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If you come into the bakery, you are likely to meet Irmela, Sharon, Dove and Rhianna, and to get a glimpse at the back of either Katia or Clement – the two bakers.

Dove, Rhianna, Sharon, Irmela, Katia, Clement

Dove, Rhianna, Sharon, Irmela, Katia, Clement

Irmela joined The Wee Boulangerie just before we opened. She comes from Dresden (the home of the Stollen – and our recipe comes from her grandma) and besides her work at the Boulangerie, she makes craft jewelery (IRMY).

Sharon, who joined when we first opened for the Festival in 2012, now only works once a week at the bakery -mostly as a way to do her weekly bread and almond croissant shopping. Although she is the longstanding genuine Scott in the team, we all suspect she actually is an under cover Spanish lass, due to her total intolerance for rain or cold.

Dove joined when she started her year abroad at Edinburgh University in September 2012, studying languages, and we are extremely lucky that she eventually stayed on in our lovely city and bakery – (and brought us our new baker)!

Clement was studying urbanism in France until last year, when he decided to take a gap in his studies (of length TBC) to follow his passion for food making. His dream (or one of them) is to set up his own mobile kitchen. If he follows his other passion, we reckon his kitchen might be built out of Lego bricks.

Rhianna comes from Bath and is currently studying at Edinburgh University towards a degree in languages. She is practising her French at the bakery ahead of her year abroad next which she hopes to spend in Paris.

We also have guest apearances from Rianna (be it during the festival or for a spot of Carol singing this winter) and currently have an “adopted intern”, David, whose mission is to revamp and develop our use of web and social media!